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However, we can not guarantee any accuracy of the information presented on our website. Your email address will not be published. All the information you need to understand mail and email policies for Harlan County can be found on ourInmate Mail Page and ourText/Email an InmatePage. The Harlan County KY Detention Center is a medium-security detention center located at 6000 KY-38 in Evarts, KY. This will require uploading your driver's license or other state issued ID. Calls are checked and restricted to 15 minutes. The Jailer of the Harlan County Detention Center is BJ Burkhart. Join the conversation on our social media channels. The facility mainly houses pre-trial detainees and those waiting for their sentences and was built in 1944. Inmates who are staying in the Perry County Jail in Kentucky are able to buy things they may need from commissary. To remotely visit an inmatein Harlan County follow these steps: INMATE INFORMATION CHANGES QUICKLY AND THE POSTED INFORMATION MAY NOT REFLECT THE CURRENT STATE. The staff in this Harlan County Detention Center includes jail superintendent, 6 sergeants, and 14 correction deputies. If you have problems finding the inmate, please contact Harlan County jail. Harlan County Detention Center requires all visitors to fill out an application prior to your visiting an inmate. *Clothing depicting anything obscene. In general, the classification of sex offender is for criminals who have been convicted of a sexually motivated crime such as rape, molestation, and prostitution. 1. To receive phone calls from inmates in Harlan County, or to assist them in making phone calls to other people, follow these steps: 1. Inmates with special privileges are allowed additional visits. Harlan County Services that are provided by GettingOut, a GTL company: The Harlan County Detention Center is medium security jail is located at 6000 Highway 38, Evarts, KY, 40828. Ky. Rev. Using the GettingOut/GTL Kiosk at the jail. To search quickly, enter an inmate's name in the search box and submit. The facility is a minimum security jail with a capacity of around 150 inmates. WHILE EVERY EFFORT IS MADE TO ENSURE THAT THE POSTED INFORMATION IS ACCURATE, IT MAY CONTAIN FACTUAL OR OTHER ERRORS AND BUSTEDNEWSPAPER.COM DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OR TIMELINESS OF THE CONTENT OF THIS WEBSITE. We have tried our best to keep the data accurate and up-to-date. Even better, the Harlan County Detention Center has an official online roaster on its website with frequently updated information about its inmates. Visits are just allowed to be 30 minutes long. How to Bail out an Inmate in Harlan County, For complete Instructions on How to Bail or Bond an Inmate in Harlan County Detention Center, check out our, Depositing Money for Communicating with an Inmate, How to Make a Deposit for Phone, Email or Visitation using. Harlan 2 days ago MITCHELL, JOSHUA C | 2023-04-29 04:07:00 Harlan County, Kentucky Booking Address : 210 East Central Street, Harlan, Kentucky, 40831 Phone : 606-573-1313 Fax : 606-573-2001 Website : website Harlan County Detention Center Inmate Roster The Harlan County Detention Center has an online database where loved ones and friends can search for the inmate. 1. 3. His email is [emailprotected], Address: 210 E. Central St., Suite 202, Harlan, KY 40831. As of the 2010 census, the population was 105,543.Hardin County is known for being the . The Harlan County Detention Center, situated in the city of Evarts, in Harlan County, Kentucky, and opened in is a medium to most extreme security office. Inmate visitation at the Harlan County Detention Center is now done through video. ), ranging from 15 minutes to one hour in length each week. Honesty, especially regarding past criminal convictions, probation etc., is important. Adult, Capacity 150 persons. It houses about 674 inmates under the supervision of over 131 staff members. 'Online' Contact Form, or 210 East Central Street, Harlan, Kentucky, 40831. CONTACT THE RESPECTIVE COUNTY CLERK OF STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION. 4. The Harlan County Detention Center is located in Evarts, Kentucky. If an inmate is housed in Perry County Jail, you can call the facility to schedule a visit as well. Phone: An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. This office serves the network of the Harlan County Area. Harlan County can be found in the central area of Kentucky. Jacob Middleton responded and began an investigation. Harlan County Jail Records are documents created by Kentucky State and local law enforcement authorities whenever a person is arrested and taken into custody in Harlan County, Kentucky. For some crimes, the bond will also require the payment of money or property along with the promise of the defendants presence in court. Harlan County Detention Center Inmate Search. As of February 1st, 2021any and all whites (Shirts, Socks, Thermals, Underpants) must be purchased through canteen. The Harlan County Detention Center has a zero-tolerance policy regarding mail violations. To Bail out or Post Bond for an Inmate in Harlan County Detention Center follow these steps: For complete Instructions on How to Bail or Bond an Inmate in Harlan County Detention Center, check out ourInmate Bailpage. You can filter through the prisoners by sequential request. Evarts Police Dept. If you have reason to believe any information contained here is inaccurate, please contact the facility. This account can be controlled by just you, or by both you and your inmate. You can also leave an inmate a short voice message for a flat fee of $1.25. Inmates in this Harlan County Detention Center are incarcerated for crimes under the Kentucky state law and are serving over one-year sentences. The Harlan County Detention Center mail policy is always changing, so be sure to review the official Harlan County Detention Center site before you send a letter. Inmate details include name, offender image, case, fine amount, sentence, charge, court date, court type, status, offense date, arrest date, arresting agency, bond type, bond amount, current age, booking date, date released, height, weight, hair color, eye color, race, sex, arresting officer, address, ZIP, inmate classification and bond agency. Login Loading. Refer the map below to find the driving directions. At the bottom of your message there is a 'character countdown' feature. If you have any questions about the Harlan County Detention Center Visitation Servicesyou can call them at 866-516-0115. Harlan County has a total area of 465 square miles. The zip codes in Harlan . You can also call 606-837-0096 if you have any additional questions about a particular inmate. Call 606-837-0096 to confirm. Kentucky State Police at Post 10 in Harlan received the call regarding the inmate at 3:20 a.m., when the detention center advised they located an inmate unresponsive. You can reach the Sheriff at (606) 573-1313. Marshal, among other major agencies. NOTE: GettingOut, the Harlan County Detention Center visitation service, will need to verify that you say who you claim to be prior to giving you permission to use their services online or at the jail lobby kiosk. Mission Statement. *Don't wear see-through material. Harlan County Detention Center allows inmates to receive money from their families, friends, and loved ones. The zip codes in Harlan County are 40801, 40806, 40807, 40808, 40810, 40815, 40818, 40819, 40820, 40823, 40824, 40828, 40829, 40830, 40831, 40843, 40847, 40849, 40854, 40855, 40863, 40865, 40870, 40873, 40927, 40964. Now taking applications for 440.270. HARLAN COUNTY . Harlan. To view the schedule of visiting hours and make an appointment, visitors can go online at https://www.gettingout.com/. It is classified as a medium-level security facility run and managed by the Harlan County Sheriffs Office. If your search returns no results, please check your spelling. When your inmate calls you, follow the instructions from the automated voice system to pay for that one phone call, directly billed to your card. His email is. The mailing address for Harlan County Detention Center is: Inmate Name ID Number Housing Location 6000 Highway 38, Evarts, KY, 40828. 3. Start by confirming that Harlan County Detention Center's Video Visitation is working correctly by looking up Harlan County here. Search for inmates incarcerated in Harlan County Detention Center, Evarts, Kentucky. For more detailed information on Ordering Commissary, Depositing Money,Setting up Phone & Visitation Accounts;costs, fees, restrictions, rules and more with Tiger Commissary Services, check out our, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Enemy Combatant High Value Detainees (HVD). The Harlan County Detention Center has 3 juvenile cells and 34 adult jailing cells. Harlan County Detention Center 6000 Highway 38, Evarts, KY, 40828 Harlan County Detention Center Prison Information Nationwide Inmate Records Online Check Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports. Phone. With Prepaid Calls you can set up your account so that the inmate can only call you and/or you can just deposit money in their account and they can purchase prepaid phone cards through their commissary and call whoever they choose, provided the Harlan County Detention Center approves of the phone number. ), ranging from 15 minutes to one hour in length each week. If you and the inmate are under a court order to have no contact with each other, your visit will be denied. However, prison officials will monitor all conversations. Harlan - is the county seat. Every year Harlan County law enforcement agencies arrest and detain 3,000 offenders, and maintain an average of 150 inmates (county-wide) in their custody on any given day. Now, use Harlan County jailtracker to search for inmates in Harlan County Jail in Kentucky. 1. Harlan County Detention Center inmate lookup: Charge, Release Date, Who's in jail, Booking Date, Complaint, Detainer Information, Filing Date, Inmate Roster, Arrests, Mugshots, Liens and Judgments, Bond, Case Records, State of Charge, Bond Information, Bookings, Offense Date. or fill out an application online by clicking the link below. facility at 606-837-0096 for the information you are looking for. UPDATE 2/10/2021 - Tony Ray Taylor turned himself into KSP Post 10 in Harlan Wednesday. You can also visit Harlan County Detention Center and talk with administration directly at 6000 Highway 38, Evarts, KY, 40828. Find your Inmate's Facility here. Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Census Bureau. Stat. Who can Visit anInmate at the Harlan County Detention Center? Then add funds to your account. Harlan County Detention Center inmate lookup: FileNo, Bond, Bookings, Bond Amount, Last Name, Booking #, Release Date, Warrant Comment, DOB, Booking Number, Mugshots, Who's in jail, Facility, Arrests, Custody, Degree Level, Loc, Issuing Auth, Warrant, Grade, Booking Date, Inmate Roster. Then click the RESET DATA button and redo your search. *Inmates with special privileges may be allowed additional visits. Harlan County Detention Center Address: 6000 Highway 38 Evarts, KY 40828 Phone: 606-837-0096 Harlan County Detention Center Visitation Schedule and Announcement - January 4, 2023 Inmates at the Harlan County Detention Center, now that the COVID pandemic is waning, once again allows inmates to get visits from friends and loved ones. Date: 4/30 4:49 pm . There are two ways through which they can call their loved ones, directly through a third-party call service provider or through a collect call arrangement. Harlan - is the county seat. It is managed on a day-to-day basis by a staff of 1 commander, 3 sergeants, 6 officers, and transport personnel. To mail or email an inmate in Harlan County follow these steps: When mailing a letter or postcard to an inmate, please follow these instructions: Facility_name_1} contracts with GTLGettingOut, the same servicethat handles iInmate Phone Systems and Video Visitation, forsending secure messages and photos between you and your inmate. philander smith college president, miriam dassin biography,

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